Wednesday, May 5, 2010

may showers and may flowers...

flowers 5

a new birthday and a new home. last year we moved to brooklyn on the 4th of july. this year we moved in the torrential downpour at 7 am on my birthday.

flowers 6

both my husband and the langleys brought over birthday flowers, which i promptly distributed all over the apartment in my bottle beach findings.

flowers 7

flowers 3

having a house feel like a home is the best birthday present of them all.


chelsea said...

happy birthday! congrats on the move and new home.

HAL said...

such gorgeous shots. congrats on everything and thanks for sharing!

hayliebird said...

i want a home for my birthday!?? what a fun present.
i can't wait to see what you do with the place. no doubt, it's magical!

Caddy said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!

I love how fresh flowers brighten up a room!

Holly Brannigan said...

wow wow wowww, love you loads ginny! glad you had a fab day!

Faux Naif said...

ohh these are so, so beautiful! happy birthday!

natali said...

beautiful pic's!!

staci j guthrie said...

How lovely. I'm inspired to cut my flowers and put them in my mother's bottle collection...

Fine Bessot said...

Bon anniversaire !
J'aime beaucoup votre blog. j'ai mis un post sur le mien avec une de vos photos que j'adore.

Happy birthday!
I like very much your blog. I put a comment on mine with one of your photos which I like.
Best regards

I have 2 blogs.

L said...

What a lovely post! I just love what fresh flowers do for a home!

Runway Hippie said...

I love that you've collected bottles from the beach! What a great idea!! Your house looks beautiful!

Happy (Belated) Birthday!


Tess said...

Sooo pretty, and I love the old bottles.

Oh, Happy Birthday m'dear! I hope it was absolutely wonderful and full of wonder.

Marinka said...

wow those flowers looks so beautiful..its such a beautiful present^^ and those bottle are stunning really..where did you buy them?

Jay said...

Ginny, you are KILLING me with all these photos of lovely flowers! I want I want I want!

Happy very very belated!

cellulite cream said...

I love the idea of collecting beach bottle finds. You are brilliant! And the flowers are lovely. Happy birthday! :)

Laken Linnea said...

GORGEOUS photos. happy late birthday!
that second one makes me so happy and fuzzy inside (: thanks for that.

love always,

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