Sunday, June 26, 2011

moodboard: midnight in paris

midnight in paris marion

MIP bridal

new favorite movie? midnight in paris. time travel. 1920s and turn of the century paris. f. scott and zelda and all the great artists of the 20s and belle epoque. secret parties at the deyrolle replete with dark, moody interiors and gorgeous taxidermy. a nostalgia store. beaded flappery goodness. i hope this film translates into some gorgeous real-life wedding... stuffed animals included ;)


TheBeautyFile said...

LOVE!! This was such an amazing movie and I can't get over how well you nailed this mood board!!

Kelly Scott said...

Gorgeous mood board! I have a secret obsession with The Great Gatsby and this reminds me of why. said...

Marion is the eternal french woman!

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