Thursday, December 23, 2010

then and now: head scarves

head scarves 2 copy

{ garance dore, google images}

head scarves
{miss moss, hermes}

since i am no stranger to man-repelling headgear, this is a no-brainer. honestly, the headscarf has been a true blue classic throughout the ages, donned by the trads like jackie o to the eccentrics (ahem: her cousin, little edith beale). i'm so ready to expand my collection of silk scarves and add a new weapon to battling bad hair days. which i have all the time. growing out a pixie cut combined with refusing to blow dry makes for plenty of unsavory hair challenges.


Emerson Merrick said...

Yes! Let's take this back from the realm of onlywhenmyhairisfilthy and I'mfeelingextralazy.

nicole said...

Yes to the head scarves. And - oh. my. God. I hadn't heard of The Man Repeller. I am officially hooked. Too funny. And so true. Love it. xo.

HilaryInspired said...

Yes, let's!! Having a little headscarf from then and now obsession of my own:

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