Thursday, December 30, 2010

resolution: travel more


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i act like this is such an easy one to do during a recession.. but i think it is do-able! i vow to at least go on more adventures! i am even willing to stop buying $15 forever 21 shoes in order to start a travel fund. osa johnson, here's looking at you kid ;)


Jay said...

Hooray for this resolution! And you'd be surprised at how (relatively) cheap it is to go globetrotting... I mean, it's definitely an indulgence, but it's very, very doable.

There are some crazy deals out there--DK and I are going to Madrid and Marrakech in February for less than $300 each for airfare.

Erica said...

Yes yes yes! This is my resolution as well!!!! Its so hard to save for it though :( I have to take money out of my account and put it in a piggy bank (yes, an actual piggy bank). Otherwise I would just swipe my debit card and watch it all go away.

Krista said...

You can do it! Last January Mark and I decided to go to Europe for three weeks. We had to cut back and Mark took a second job but we did it and it was worth every penny!

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