Wednesday, December 29, 2010

resolution: drive to a beach

travel inspiration

via garance dore & chance

travel inspiration 2

{vera scarves, breton shirt, two for the road dvd, bensimon lacets, sunglasses, straw tote, suntan lotion, chanel lipstick, beach ball, panama hat}

i'm getting a jumpstart on the resolutions AND only fun ones that i am guaranteed to stick to! nothing that's going to be a drag. i really want to travel more, which i'm sure by now i sound like a broken record. i have to visit my sweet corrie in new orleans and my sweet haylie in florida. if you haven't seen the movie two for the road, watch it this instant! it will surely spark your sense of adventure and desire to pile into a car and hit the road with a handsome fella.

2 comments: said...

This is so french. Modern and simple designs and a Cote d'Azur atmosphere. said...

This is so french style!

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