Thursday, December 30, 2010

resolution: get organized


{martin bag, embosser, numbered pins, siwa envelope, labels, pencil case, things to do list}

sigh. i don't even know where to begin... all i want to do is throw everything out and start over. but i don't have that kind of courage... on another note, i'm also convinced an ipad would magically make me the most organized and efficient girl in the world. surely that must be true!

*also, that siwa kraft envelope is so calling my name! i almost purchased one in nyc but chickened out last minute. but it is super soft and extremely strong(nearly impossible to rip). i could easily see myself using them to organize each styling gig(all the receipts, notes, and shot lists...).


suzanne said...

i love this time of year because everyone posts organizational stuff. i'm a sucker for a good file cabinet! good luck getting organized!


Brandy said...

We, and a lot of other people, share some of the same goals:

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