Friday, August 20, 2010

you're a star...

gold stars 1

gold stars 2

star eraser

mini pencil lead 2

last little shoppe update for the weekend. i've got a smattering of 1960s office/ back-to-school supplies listed. for the nerdy, organized, type lover in us all. or for anyone who wants to get their mad men on. aesthetically of course, not in a smutty, tawdry, cheap way... unless that's your thing. no judgement here.


L'El├ęgante said...

All people who give some love are stars! The sky is full of love. You are star.

chris said...

oh my. i remember buying those gold stars for my students. and now they're vintage! must be time to retire! ;-). love the shoppe.

Sarah said...

You've got such a pretty blog! I linked you :)

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