Sunday, August 8, 2010

how to do it...

a new obsession has begun...

how to preserve paintbrushes

vintage cigarette cards and silks. it all began when i was browsing through the history of quilts, and i stumbled upon this. it caught me. hook. line. and sinker.

clean a hat

now i am on the hunt for old cigar ribbons, cigarette silks, and cigarette cards. a bit odd for me, since i have never smoked anything. but man, this kind of advertising is way more alluring than a dopey looking camel. no offense joe.

autumn leaves

these "how to do it" series offer charming helpful household hints. love. i love learning new things, especially with school right around the corner. august always kicks my inner-student into overdrive.


i have a feeling these are going to be difficult to track down in the U.S. what do y'all think? i've never seen these at a flea market/ antique store before. maybe at something like brimfield?

how to pack choice flowers

how to revive flowers

how to weathervane

the "how to draw series" on nypl digital library is pretty fantastic. i might have to do a follow-up post on those bad boys later! ok, i'm gonna do a little ebay stalking now. let me know if y'all have any leads!


Signe said...

these are amazing :)

wsake said...

i have learned so much from this post - it´s amazing. now i´m off to clean a hat and preserve some leaves.

Caddy said...

These were lovely to read. I love the syntax and wording of the cards.

Marcheline said...

You're so smart - falling in love with an item that takes up almost no space to collect! I can't ever seem to do that - I'm always going gaga over things I have no room to store, and living in a cottage that means basically EVERYTHING.

In answer to your question on where to find more: EBAY! I just looked... there are TONS. I would also look on the Ruby Lane website, and then google as many antique stores/auctions as you can find.



Teresa said...

Wow! Those are so awesome! They would definitely make for a lovely collection! :)

Btw, I'm hosting a package exchange over at my blog. Please feel free to come and join us! It's going to be fun! :)

♥ Teresa ♥

Jade said...

love these

Audrey said...

These are incredibly precious. And useful. I like that combination.

Liz Demos said...

oh how I miss you Ginny Branch! I have a HUGE collection of these cards. Birds, flowers, how to gardening, how to household tasks etc. I always manage to talk myself into keeping them saying "there small and don't take up much space so I will just tuck them away in this box....." you get the drift. You are my kind of gal and I wish oh so much you were still in Savannah. xoxo Liz

Anonymous said...

That's sweet, I study florisrty and how to preserve cut flowers is close to what we are taught - apart from we get told to only put them in hot water for 30 seconds and then straight into cold water!!

anabella said...

fantastic find! currently browsing the flower cards on NYPL. hehe thanks for sharing!

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