Friday, August 6, 2010

the jam...

jam 3

can i make a confession? i have been on a kitchen blooper streak. geeze louise. i had high hopes for can o' rama 2010. i stocked up on all sorts of jars- mason, weck, and otherwise. i had one of my favorite girls over. she made deliciously successful fridge pickles.


me? i was in charge of procuring delectable fruit preserves. and somehow i skimmed the scum, but forgot to stir the pot. did you know that if you don't stir the fruit, that it burns and cakes somethin' awful? oh yeah, this is day 5 of baking soda, vinegar, cascade, and elbow grease. and i finally have the poor stock pot almost clean. canning is a very sexy process.

jam 2

doesn't this jam kind of look edible? peach/blackberry was what i was shooting for... smoky peach/ burnt blackberry mess is what i got. but i managed to seal and process it properly. so it is super sanitary and definitely botulism free. i even had cute labels and fabric pinked, ready to top it all off. oh, and did i mention that i spilled one whole jar all over the stove top? that sure was fun to clean. and the recipe that yields for 5 somehow only ended up with one, lonely, charred jar. mmmm.


this was almost as much fun as the melted puddle of goo that was my homemade sugar cookie attempt. no judgement though, right? needless to say, this jam is sooooooo not the jam.


Kathleen said...

oh no!! let me know when you're trying again -- I'll see if my dad can furnish some fruit from his garden (and maybe some tips ;))

Karli said...

You're so bloody romantic ~Refreshing!

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