Thursday, June 10, 2010

campfire girls...

campfire scrapbook
on a recent trip to one of my favorite haunts, i found this bound book of goodness buried under layers of dust bunnies. the yummy weathered paper was like a tractor beam, sucking me in.

campfire official
little did i know, that it was going to be a camp fire girls scrapbook. holy awesome deliciousness!

wood gatherer
red cross
truth be told, i had never even heard of camp fire girls until a few years ago, and i grew up a mediocre girl scout at best.

bird calls
but flipping through this book conjures up all sorts of wonderful summertime ideas-campfires, bird-watching, story-telling, flower-identification, hiking, handicrafts. you name it.

union square
camp fire course
the symbols and colors are really beautiful too. i could easily design a whole collection of fabric patterns inspired by this book.

campfire health chart
campfire health chart 2
morning habits
health is something not to be taken lightly!

campfire law
i love the ideals upheld by the camp fire law. words to live by, and certainly lots of areas where i have room to improve. thank goodness the summer is long.


Emilia Jane said...

wow. what a great find! I was a camp fire girl for a big chunk of my life (I'm pretty sure I was in it for as long as you can possibly be) so this brings back many memories.

BlondeShot Creative said...

very cool!! what a great thing to find

bee said...

The things you find! My day "was made pleasanter" by this, it's a treasure! ;)

Emerson Merrick said...


miss kelly said...

truly you lead an enchanted life to stubble upon the treasures you do...this is one of my favourite posts to date because it sums up Mrs.Ginny Branch-Stelling so neatly.

A bientot

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Wow wow wow. You found something amazing. If only those girls could have imagined what would become of their little book.

Rouenna said...

The longhand writing on the scrapbook is just so lovely. =)

Rebecca said...

Your blog is so adorable. So many lovely images. What a great find this is. Thanks for sharing it.

April said...

I love those health habits. Those are great. What a find! The handwriting is lovely.

Solar Oven said...

Adorable - I so want a health chart to keep me on track!

lea blüm said...

DO make a textile pattern of this! I'll save my pennies and buy your biggest bolt.

Marcheline said...

Just found you through "Apple a Day", and I am in love!

Can't wait to spend the next however many days going back through all of your posts.

How on earth do you make your photos show up that size? Wish I knew how to do it, because it ROCKS.

Stop on by my place if you care to, I'd be happy to see you there!


Kelly-marie said...

Such a wonderful find, I especially love the little tree people running across the top of the paper. Thanks so much for sharing.

EleanorRose said...

what a crazy find, its weird when you find things so full of interesting stuff, sint it? great post!

Oh, Restore xxx

Marinka said...

this is found a little treasure

Marcheline said...

Sorry for the over-exuberance of the double comment, but I spent all day yesterday reading about the last four years of your life, and I'm just now catching my breath.

O most excellent adventure! The collecting - the moving - the friends - more collecting - and the eating of delicious items in fantastic places... and the pictures, which are good enough to eat all by themselves. Well, maybe with a dollop of whipped cream. But still.

And I'm sorry for asking if you were a swinger (although I do hope you got a chuckle out of it at least). After reading a couple of years into it, I finally understood about the Ed/Pete conundrum. You have this funny way of making leading comments and then not explaining them, kind of like giving someone just the punch line of an inside joke... but it all comes out in the wash.



P.S. My word verification: "brapsi"
Definition: The next fad illness in the 1800's, just after "dropsy". It was almost the same, but involved gas.

melissa marie said...

oh the awesome.

moonshinejunkyard said...

what a beautiful set of goals and pursuits. i'm feeling inspired by this genial open-hearted approach to womanly life. what a lovely scrapbook. can we go back in time PLEASE??!

Terri said...

Wow... my heart just skipped a few beats when I saw this. I was a Campfire girl growing up and loved it! Oh how I would love to leaf through that book!

chelsea rose said...

wow, these girls have it right. i love, i miss you.

Megan said...

I also grew up in Camp Fire. Sadly, they seem to by dying out. I can't imagine what it would have been like not to grow up with weekend camping trips and weeks of summer camp.

By my time we didn't get cudos for regular bowels movements, ;-) but I can remember going through archives and laughing the first time i came across that checklist you pictured.

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