Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer solstice...

this summer 2010 i am grateful for...

quilt prints
1. sitting outside on quilts. preferably in a sweet, cotton day dress.

2. streamers in trees, and when the wind rushes through them.

barns 2
3. old, southern, delapidated barns caving in on themselves.

roses blurry best

flowers lap

flowers in car 2

flowers crane creek 2
4. playing with flowers. in a car. on a ladder. in an arbor. in a field. in the rain. on the side of the road. in a box with a fox. here and there and everywhere

crane creek landscape
5. drinking delicious wine from north georgia vineyards after a hard days work.


lake martin 4
6. long weekends at the lake with my husband and his family.

girls big red truck 2

firework superstore
7. ridiculously campy, road trip pit-stops(preferably in a penske truck).

this summer is starting off to be one of my favorites yet. even though it is unbearably, criminally, sweat-stinging into-your-eyes, sweltering, no relief-kind of hot this summer. which really is a better excuse to reach for that second glass of (semi)sweet tea.


chelsea said...

this is a beautiful post. happy summer!

Kathleen said...

ginny, i love your photos!

meganbarkley said...

Ditto. ha. Such wonderful pictures, you inspire me to do the same thing. Although, potato salad would be pretty high on my grateful list :)

Marinka said...

wow those photos are really nice! I love the grain effect and the softness of them!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

thank you! i've been letting the ole digital camera take a break and playing with a bunch of film cameras. i'm relearning how to shoot film, slowly but surely.

Krista B. said...

I am in love with the flowers in the car shot! Beautiful, girl!

TristanEmma said...

My goodness I love the grainy photos!! Amazing.

Jay said...

You are making me unbearably jealous. Perfect perfect summer!

Amy@Old Sweet Song said...

These photos just reached out and gave me a good ol' fashioned Georgia hug. So thanks.

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