Friday, April 16, 2010

lauren weinerth...

lo stache

happy birthday my sweet lo'. this is a belated bday post, but better late than never. here is why i am so glad you were born.

1. you are one of my funniest friends. you and corrie make me laugh til i cry. whether it is your comedic timing, your writing, your ability to improv, or your impersonations, you always keep me in stitches!
2. you are one of the most loyal people i know, a quality i value most in friends. you are there for your friends through thick and thin.
3. you are so dang thoughtful and you always put others needs and feelings before your own. always.
4. you have the biggest heart. you love your friends and family so fearlessly and so endlessly.
5. if the "glad game" could have a grand prize winner, it would be you. there is no silver lining that you can't find.
6. you are so good with kids and you will be the best mom one day. i will always remember the time i tagged along on a nannying gig of yours, and wanted to cry at how utterly perfect you were with little children.
7. if everyone could be as forgiving as you, the world would be a better place.
8. vanity and cynicism are not in your vernacular. not at all.
9. you wake up and love life. you don't sit still, and you don't take any day for granted. you seek out joy.
10. when i think of the quote, "dance as though no one is watching you. sing as though no can hear you. love as though you have never been hurt before. live as though heaven is on earth." it makes me think of you.
11. you graciously and proudly read "the archipelago of kisses" by jeffrey mcdaniel at my wedding ceremony, with such gusto and charm, even though it was a saucy poem that elicited many gasps and snickers amongst the guests ;)
12. you are the embodiment of the word "lovely".
13. when you read books, you really read books. you highlight, bookmark, earmark, make notes in the margin, and place tabs on the pages. you really become a part of the worlds you read about.
14. your organization skills are what people write books about. your daily planner is like the holy grail of time management.
15. great rack, great legs.

i am going to miss you so much miss lo. i'm sorry i never took you up on our bikram yoga class. i'm so glad you forgive my lousy tour guiding. you are one of the funniest, kindest, most magnanimous people i have ever met. i am so pleased to know you and call you a friend.
and i am so glad you were born.

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Lea Anne said...

aww this made me laugh and cry! so sweet!

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