Thursday, April 15, 2010

coney island...

today i am grateful for...

pallin' around brooklyn with one of my best friends corrie pellerin! i love my corrie girl, and having her in town for my last week in nyc is soooo sweet. we ventured out to coney island( my "brilliant" idea) only to find out... the rides won't be open to the public until tomorrow! i know i have made the disclaimer that i am the most hopeless tour guide, and i firmly stand by it. thankfully coney island has plenty of charm even in its semi-closed state.

coney island 3

all i wanted was to ride the dang ferris wheel. i need to get on this dang wheel. it is legendary!

coney island 5

hello handsome. i love you.

coney island 6

coney island 7

i love my corrie girl.

coney island 2

coney island 9

shoot the freak.

coney island 10

coney island 13

suggestion noted.
coney island 14

we took the bait.

i am thankful i have so many forgiving people in my life, who don't seem to mind my absent-minded tour guiding. eeps. but it was a gorgeous day with lots of laughs and colorful sights. i wanted to hijack all the hand-painted signs and sniff out the sideshow freaks. i was tempted by the cotton candy and candy apples. in the end it was lots of laughs, nathan hotdogs, and ice cream cones. yum. and oh yeah, my best friend is in town. did i mention i'm so happy she's here?


Nyrha said...

Very lovely pictures

Maura Grace said...

I'm very proud of you for playing with different films and cameras, you are doing a great job with it, keep up the good work! I am inspired now to try some fade to black film and artistic film, so fun!

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