Thursday, March 4, 2010

what you see is what you get...

modge podge

well, thank y'all for sending me emails and photos to practice from!!! every email and comment has made me do a little happy dance every time i open my inbox/blog! i wanted to include some more images of "my style". loosey goosey and silly.

tartan plaid girl

my pictures are real, ummm, interpretive? wriggly? imaginative? awkward? sloppy? some have even said, "my kid could paint that" kind of art. i've heard a lot worse. art school helps you develop a thick skin-phew.

fancy ladies post

just a warning so when you open your envelope, you are not surprised that it isn't a technical replica, central park portrait-artist style. this is how i do. oh and i discovered wearing white-ish shoes while playing with chalk and paint is like a beautiful disaster. i think i will start wearing white shoes everytime i sit down to draw.

victorian ghost

thank y'all for helping me out with my figure studies! this is so helpful and i promise i will have everyone's in the mail by the first of april (at the latest). if you haven't sent me your address or have forgotten to attach a photo, make sure you do so, 'cause i want to make sure your drawing has a home to go to! and for everyone from my highschool who sent me an email, that made me tug on my husband's shirt with excitement. go cats. okey dokey, off to drink loads of coffee, listen to old african-american gospel music, and draw your pretty faces!


Hannah said...

Nonsense, these are amazing! I wish I was able to be as free as this when I draw but I'm always so rigid. You've inspired me to try again though!

Ruby Fuerza AKA Lucille Brawl said...

this reminded me of you! 1903 alice in wonderland! xx

Ondine said...

Love these! I mailed you a picture, just in case you need any more.

Rosé Magritte said...

these are so beautiful. had a figure studies class last semester and these go above and beyond any one elses i saw, they're extremely original. i love yo technique gurlll

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