Monday, March 15, 2010

comin up roses...

second hand rose 1

second hand rose 2

second hand rose 4

(woof. iphone photos not so hot).

today i had the pleasure of taking a field trip to second hand rose, a darling purveyor of fine vintage and antique wallpaper... and man, was it mighty fine! their midtown showroom walls are lined with wood crates stuffed with an array of paper goodness. i came in with the best intentions of finding pretty samples and scraps to doodle on, but alas, "sold only by the double roll".

no matter, i flipped through binders and binders of damask roses(belgian, french, and american), tiny prints, metallic foil, and kitschy kitchen prints, plotting the day i am able to wallpaper our first real home. maybe a closet? a kitchen? while i was acting out "ginny and ed's dream house in georgia" in my head, a sweet father, mother, and daughter were selecting wallpaper for their study. i was both blown away at the thought of having enough room for a "study" in a new york city apartment, and by the fact that all three family members had a say in the matter! so democratic and diplomatic!

bonus points about this charming slice of paper heaven? the owners couldn't be nicer. suzanne lipschutz is the epitome of what a charming, hilarious new york proprietor should be! and her gravely voice... i want it. she enthusiastically doled out bits of trivia, facts, and history about her wares, and i can not wait to be able to afford to do business with her. A++++ for product knowledge and customer service!

for all you guys and gals with serious pocket change, looking for a little home improvement... look no further. and for serious tips from an expert, contact miss merrick. she knows what's up when it comes to layin' it down!

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laura sophia marlowe said...

i love these images. xxxx

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