Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i love my big sister...


happy birthday lisa! i wish i were in atlanta to give you a big hug, but luckily i will see you in 4 weeks! here is a short list of why i am so glad you were born...

1. you always put family first, and are always the rock whenever hard times hit.
2. you are one of the most honest people i have ever met, with unwavering morals, and you never fail to do the right thing, in any situation.
3. you took me to paris the summer before my senior year of high school, and were the perfect tour guide! we saw all the most amazing museums, thanks to your persistence, while i was fighting to go back to the hotel and take a nap!
4. you didn't even bat an eye or insist i change, when i showed up wearing 5 inch heels, a sequined dress, and a flapper headband to meet the president, at the white house christmas party.
5. when i was a baby, you used to play "the way we were" by barbara streisand and carry me around the room 'til i fell asleep.
6. thanks to you, not only have i seen mary chapin carpenter about 10 times in concert, but i have also met her, at a starbucks book signing you took me to when i was probably 11 years old.
7. you took me to see the greats in concert- cher, madonna, bette midler... now all we need to see is liza minnelli and barbara streisand to complete the gay iconic quintet. awesome.
8. you found me a replacement "claire", my beloved childhood baby doll that was destroyed by a friends dog. i still have claire 2.0 on my bed, much to my husband's chagrin.
9. you and i are the two family members who love to do impersonations. saturday night live, here we come...
10. you and i are also the two tallest family members. my favorite is when people ask mom and dad, "but how are lisa and ginny so tall?" hilarious.
11. your biggest weaknesses... baseball caps and t-shirts. your collection could put anyone to shame!
12. you introduced "my so-called life" to me. i remember when you taped the entire collection from MTV. i used to be glued to your t.v when i came to visit! we loved jordan catalano and "the way he leaned". and the boiler room episode and that buffalo tom song. best episode ever.
13. you taught me how to make a mean blueberry soy smoothie and a tasty corn salad, two things i always make when the weather gets warm.
14. you are one of the smartest, most hard working women i know. without a doubt.
15. you are such a good big sister. i love you so much.

even though we are 16 years apart, we couldn't be any closer. i am so glad you are my big sister, and i am so glad you were born! i hope you have a great birthday today and i can't wait to see you in a few weeks!


Emerson Merrick said...

Happy Birthday lovely Lisa!! (and papa merrick, too!)

hayliebird said...

oh wow! what a great picture. a happy day to lisa branch!! i hope it was is sweet as this post. ginny you are the best. hope to see you again this week. wanna hit a flea or two this weekend?? i have just been dying to get out and find some good junk, especially since i was in your lovely home this weekend. i need more wonderful things on my walls like you have on your walls. xo

lea blüm said...

so awesome.

Anonymous said...

so awesome.

Iole said...

stopping by to say hi!
lovely blog...come to visit mine. love iole

Jay said...

Aw, I love your Branch family birthday posts. They're the sweetest.

Also... is there a photo of you in your fancy getup meeting the Commander in Chief?? Because if so, I think we need to see it!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. But, as a fairly new reader, I have a question: You went to the White House Christmas party? When/how?

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

hello anonymous! well, my sister worked for the former administration and let me be her date to the christmas party! she very generously shared her experience with all of her family members. i actually met G dubs twice!

Lexie said...

sisters are the best! this list is just wonderful!

jan said...

This is so lovely and sweet. My sisters are 14 and 11 years older than me and I'm extremely close to both of them. Happy birthday, Lisa!

Also, all personal political feelings aside, it pretty much kicks ass that you got to go to a Christmas party in Washington and meet GW!

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