Saturday, December 6, 2008


i believe in and try to practice...altruism. charity. family values. golden rule. happy thoughts. humility. karma. kindness. love. magic. philanthropy. positive thinking. reciprocity.

i don't subscribe to any particular religion, even though i wish i had a central faith system. growing up in the south, religion can be something of a tricky subject. when i told my family that i'm still undecided, but that i do believe in a higher being; my sweet mother retrieved a picture frame of a feather she found on one of her daily walks. she looked me square in the eye, and said,

"this is how i know god exists".

not a bad argument on her part. in my humble opinion.


nymph & cloud said...

recently i was sitting in a car with a friend talking about whethere she believes in god and i said "see those mountains against that beautiful blue sky? see that view? this is how i know god exists"
this post reminded me of that :)

cara. said...


amy said...
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Missa said...

A feather with a heart... that's so beautiful :)

My feelings on the subject are along the same lines as yours. I do have a heart shaped rock though, that is a terra cotta colored stone with a perfect white circle in the middle, that I found while on a hike in a place actually called 'Valley of the Gods' in Arizona.

I've held on to it ever since, as I think it holds a significance for me not too different from your mom's feather.

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