Friday, December 19, 2008

the most wonderful time of the decorating gratitudes

this really is my favorite time of the year. i am a sentimental soul and this is my first christmas in new york where i felt compelled to throw myself into the holiday spirit. i've been humming carols to myself and feeling misty-eyed. and forcing my roomate to eat my home made banana bread and hot chocolate. with lots and lots of whipped cream. and stopping at every tree lot to smell the pine. and oohing and ahhing at christmas lights. and wishing i could go back to being a five year old. just for one day.

1. i saved a little charlie brown christmas tree from the chipper at the union square farmer's market. i had my eye on a plump four footer when i heard people making fun of this skinny lil' guy. i just don't care much for schoolyard taunting, so i pleaded with the man to let me take him home! and mr. tree man even let me take him for free! now he may not be a first-prize beauty, but he makes me awfully happy.

2. i re-purposed an old yo-yo curtain to be a skirt for my premie baby of a tree. it's not exactly "festive" but now i can hide the less-than-charming stand that i had to buy(since i got the tree for free).

3. hung my wreath and christmas linen from my grandmother above our poland spring water cooler. every time i go in the kitchen i breathe in the smell of pine. i even have a little water spritzer that i mist it with to make sure it stays hydrated!

4. made a christmas playlist with andy williams, sufjan stevens, and songs from home alone. i play it on repeat and just cry. my mother plays her andy williams tape (yes, tape) as soon as the thanksgiving dishes are cleared until december 26th. as a little girl, my sisters and i had to wait at the top of the stairs christmas morning while my mother checked to see if santa had come. we knew it was safe to come down, when we heard andy's voice signaling us down to our treasures from jolly ole saint nick!

5. found my first set of ornaments and stockings at the chelsea flea market. i couldn't believe my luck when i found the most darling set of shimmery orbs with glittery holiday cheer childlishly sprawled across. amy merrick even approved, saying they reminded her of giant pearls.

6. decorated my mantle with stockings. and white house christmas ornaments. and r.a. miller angels. and a glittery "believe" sign from nikki and laraine from their most recent visit to new york. nikki is our christmas miracle and her sign will always make me smile and restore my faith in believing.

7. witnessed new york's first snow fall of the season. the snow poured from the sky like powdery doilies. i've never seen flakes so big in all my life! and i kept skimming the top layer off of cars and eating it... probably a decision i will regret later... seeing as new york ain't the cleanest of cities.


pomegranates said...

there is just something about polaroid photos...very nice...

Emerson Merrick said...

I ate snow today, too!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

I love your Charlie Brown Christmas tree! I'm such a sucker for the underdog...Happy Holidays!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post, seems like you're really enjoying life in the city-life in general. As a Native NYCer now living in AZ, I'd caution you against making a habit of consuming city snow.:D

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