Saturday, December 6, 2008

chapel of countdown gratitudes

i can not wait to marry my sweet eddie. i know everyone says the planning is really stressful...but so far i am having so much fun. here is what has happened so far.

1. ed's sweet momma shared her collection of sweet bridal/1920s props with me. her sister, aunt nancy, pooled together her resources and unearthed these darling relics for me to see. the pearl beads (they think) were sewn onto their mother's wedding dress and i might be able to keep one to turn into a necklace! the makeup compacts were utterly adorable. tiny and precious, with a place to tuck your calling cards! oh swoon.

2. found a charming alternative to save-the-dates. i want to share right now, but i will have to wait until i have sent them out. i was going to skip this step considering the cost of invitation (holy smokes!) but my friends encouraged me to be considerate of my guests by giving enough advance to book a plane ticket. fair enough.

3. found a little spot for this cutie pie bride doll that my mother found at a thrift store. or maybe a garage sale. she's a little unsettling, but y'all know i loves me a creepy baby doll.

4. confirmed with my photographer, josh goleman. his wedding photography gives me chills. he is the big ticket item at my wedding and i never considered any other candidates. he's incredible.

5. started a pre-wedding scrap book late night, in a fit of insomnia (a chronic misfortune of mine). i want to remember this time so when i have my own daughter/daughter-in-law she can have something tangible to flip through. and being that i'm such a nostalgic softy, i leap at any opportunity to reflect on sweet moments in my life. and this couldn't be any sweeter.


Krista Beth said...

I, too, was flabbergasted at the cost of invitations. Try Etsy for inexpensive but FABULOUS invitations. I used dearemma and I was so pleased.

Bethany said...

Oh, what beautiful things! My mom collects antique dolls and all my friends thought they were so creepy when we were kids... I can't wait to see your Save the Dates! I worked as a stationery designer before moving to nyc and I LOVE creative pieces for weddings! I'm glad you are having fun planning ... that's how it should be!

Danielle said...

wait wait - daughter in law? so confused. and how addicting is scrap booking! or just putting photos in albums for that matter..

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