Saturday, November 22, 2008

everything has its place...22 november 2008

1. cleaned my apartment after a whirlwind project for a very special lady. beads and bobbles and feathers and sequins and shells were smattered all over the floor. normally i would find this quite charming, but my newfound "organizing kick" left me in a frenetic quest to sort out my possessions. it's getting there...

2. had a marvelous night with pete, lauren, john, katie, kristen, and will at a wine bar. i love my sweet friends. best part of my life. they are so funny and kind and charming.

3. started reading again. right now, its a time management self-help book. lord knows, i need it. i have no concept of time. i think i should sign up for a course on it.

4. went grocery shopping. there is such a satisfying feeling to open a refrigerator and see stocked shelves. and i really do think i buy some cute lookin' groceries.

5. received a lovely surprise visit from both amy and lauren (separately). they brightened my day.

6. found the yummiest, softest paper thin grey t shirt from american apparel. it was a "test sample" to see if it would be successful enough to manufacture. i'm in love. i want to buy stock in it and give one to all of my friends (ahem...coco).

7. talked to corrie pellerin on the phone. i miss my sweet baby. she is about to be an aunt! i'm so excited for her.

8. am counting down the days til i go home for thanksgiving. i will be with my sweet fiance, my family, and his family. could i be any happier?

"and i think to myself, what a wonderful world..."

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