Wednesday, April 23, 2008

spring fever...4.23.08 gratitudes

1. the concrete jungle is awash with color!!!!!! winter is gone and the streets have exploded with flora and fauna. i can't even bring myself to use any other mode of transportation but my two feet.

2. found my new favorite fence in the city. heart.

3. my store has the sweetest neighbors. between the adorable lindsay, grace's nanny, bringing me shiny marc jacobs shoe and purse cookies to miss susie lopez inviting me to her son's peter pan-themed birthday party...i love where i work.

4. discovered where i want to go when i die, my version of heaven... Books of Wonder on 18th st between 5th and 6th ave. A bookstore entirely devoted to children's books, and what is attached to it...Cupcake Cafe!! Thank you Chelsea Cook for bringing me here.

5. haynes riley joined me on my day off and we walked around in the beautiful spring weather and ate cupcakes.

6. had breakfast with amy merrick and plotted our futures. hers is looking pretty bright if you haven't seen her shout out on Catherine Halley's blog "Scrappy Girl Decorates".
amy is such an inspiration and i wish i spent my days off pursuing my dreams as proactively as she does.

7. spoke to my big sister on the phone. i love when my sisters call me and speak to me like a friend. now that i'm older the age gap between me and my sisters doesn't seem as great of a divide. and that makes me so happy.

8. confirmed that i don't have to work on my birthday weekend. my mother(and best friend) is coming to stay with me and we are going to join my dear friend frances pezik for an excursion to new jersey for the big rummage sale. i love junking with my mom most of all!

9. wrote my loved ones postcards and letters. and i have lots of those.

10. eddie and i are going to see eachother in a few weeks for a beach vacation...much needed and much anticipated. i can't wait to go somewhere with him other than atlanta and new york. i miss my beloved. he is my only home.

11. chelsea cook tailored a vest of mine that was i've had in my closet but couldn't wear for a long time and i can't wait to wear it again! my word she is so talented. i get to fall asleep to her practicing her mandolin and wake up to her cooking some culinary treat for the day. i have the best wife ever!

12. my sweet manager made me third key at my store. its sort of assistant, assistant manager. and i sort of got it by default since i'm literally the last one in my store from the original hired team. everyone else left or moved to another store. but, i'm so excited for any sort of promotion. i want to make chris and bret proud. like the little engine that could. i love my company. this is where i've wanted to work my whole life.

13. the mouse in our house that fell from the cupboard and into a mini glass of water. chelsea and i collapsed in a fit of hysterical laughter onto the floor. what a new york experience!! we released this little cinderella mouse of a guy outside. and to quote chelsea,"lets let him out here, next to this restaurant so he can find food..." note to self, don't eat at the restaurant downstairs...

14. pete cooney and john gardner. just for being my boys.


Amy Elizabeth said...

you are a life changer, plain and simple..... a life changer.

Danielle said...

that mouse in the cup is too funny. i love your gratitudes.



blondedawn said...

I love the mouse in the house. Your pictures are great and your spirit is beautiful.

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