Wednesday, March 5, 2008


1. wore my new little marc dress.

2. picked up some of my drycleaning.

3. went to blackbird parlour with franny, phil, amy, chelsea, and mollie.

4. found a new book, the history of the palette-a book on the history of color, broken down by specific types.

5. spent the night with amy merrick, a true inspiration to girls everywhere. we listened to records and talked about our futures...and boys.

6. amy gave me a fantastic gb pink jacket and let me borrow her gold sparkly dress.

7. ate breakfast at st. helens. gorgonzola and figs on focaccia. three americanos. butternut squash cupcake with cream cheese icing.

8. bought records for eddie and me. one day we will get to listen to them while reading in bed. sigh. i love him so!

9. watched three movies, one new and two childhood classics. national velvet, robin hood(disney) and mary poppins. i love the way little girls dress. nothing is more enchanting than big bows in the hair, at the neck, tied in the back; pintucked bibs with button plackets; peter pan collars; tights; and rosy cheeks.

10. haynes riley came over and hung out with me and the roomies.

11. designed/sketched with pete.

12. chelsea mended haynes' pants while we watched robin hood.

13. found old photos of women and their children from the 1920s, my favoritest decade.

14. went to moon river chattel.

15. walked in the rain with amy.

16. finally backed up my music and photos onto my external hardrive.

17. wore my rescued velvet bow. i love it so much and it has such a funny story after its tragic accident...

18. was up late enough to hear the rainstorm at night. i love a rainy night.


rita said...

ADORABLE. love your blog and the corner goings on. have put it on my blog. take a look.

heidi said...

oh how miss the old neighborhood. *sigh*.
Thanks for the pics!

hayliebird said...

you are magic!!


please call or text me your ph#. i left my cell on the greyhound this weekend.

Danielle said...

love your photos! and your hair.

MarkedbyMoxie said...

Hi Ginny! My name is Sara...I love Domino mag and found you via Rita's post...I was just at the Marc Jacobs website today looking for jobs and was delighted when I saw a post about you! How DO you actually get a job at Marc Jacobs? My personal blog is Take care!

Lori said...

"Our daughter's daughters will adore us, and they'll sing in grateful chorus: well done, sister suffragettes!" :c)

What an amazing movie. It came on TV a couple months it, and I was shocked at how lovely it is, now that I'm old enough to really appreciate it!

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