Wednesday, March 5, 2008

girl of my dreams...gratitudes 3.5.08

1. Lula, my absolute favorite magazine in the whole wide world is now available. issue 6. it is worth the $15! This magazine makes me swoon, drool, dance, and dream. If there is any magazine I could contribute to, this is it. It is a celebration of all things feminine, romantic, whimsical, and nostalgic. heavy sigh.

2. My favorite client Danielle Schmidt invited me and Chelsea to a gallery party at the New Museum on Bowery. It was a fantastic collage exhibit called "Unmonumental". Chelsea and I fell in love with the 3rd floor which was like a fantasy land. Artist Elliot Hundley is one of my new favorites. Chelsea and I ooh-d and ahh-d over his textile sculptures. Please go to this exhibit if you can!

3. I finally bought some baby's breath sprigs for my milk bottles in my room. I think it is one of the sweetest plants in the world.

4. Pete went to the Louis Vuitton sample sale and bought me an oversized grey velvet bow headband...he knows me so well. i love him so much.

5. Bought milinery supplies with chelsea at Tinsel Trading Company in the garment district. the darling flowers, ribbon, and sequins look like candy! We even scored a skein of vintage, petite black sequins. they look like a twisted bundle of glittery hair.

6. I wore Amy Merrick's gold sequin dress and doused Chelsea and my eyes with gold glitter. We debated whether or not german glass glitter would cut your eyes? I want to buy some off of ebay, but she tells me I will hurt myself...she's probably right.

7. Had brunch at 7A with Chelsea, Mollie, and Amy. We had the Jared Leto look-alike waiter. I love my girls. Really, how am I so lucky to have such good, kind, talented friends? Ask anyone, my menagerie of female friends is like a force to be reckoned with. and they are stationed in almost every major city!

8. Went to Birdbath Bakery on 1st ave between 1st and 2nd Ave with Amy and Chelsea and I got a Farmer's Lemonade which is so fantastic-it tastes like liquid lemon ice cream.

9. Went to New York Central Art Supply on 11th st and 3rd ave.
it is the sweetest mom and pop art supply shop and makes you feel like you're not in a big city. the sweet owner will spin tall tales about paintbrushes that were used to seal violin wood with varnish and brushes that they found in a manicure store. who doesn't love a fable when trying to buy a paintbrush?

10. Arranged my black and white photos of women and children from the 1920s on my corkboard in front of my bed. they radiate this energy that makes me smile whenever i look up at them.

11. Spoke to my love on the phone. he will be here in a few days and i can't wait to have him back in my arms again. Danielle and her boyfriend Thadeus were very congratulatory upon hearing the good news which always touches me when other people show sincere happiness for another.

12. Rita Konig, a heroine to so many girls, blogged about my blog. I discovered her blog by way of Amy Merrick, who has been a fan of Rita for years. She is so lovely and clever and I hope she knows how many young ladies look up to her. Her blog is fantastic please bookmark it if you haven't already!


mha said...

Thanks for the heads up about Lula Magazine. I went to their website and it is great. I want it. I want to sleep with it and carry it with me everywhere!

paris market said...

Hey girl!!! Just saw your post on my blog spot. congrats on the engagement!! Send me pics of you guys as I would love to see him. Are you excited? You look like a model in these pics on your blog. I am so proud of definitely belong in NYC.

miss you,

ButtercupSweets said...

Hi! This is Sara, I originally commented under "MarkedbyMoxie", but I actually created a REAL personal blog which is called buttercup sweets....named after the Buttercup bakery in NYC which you HAVE to go to if you haven't. It's amazing. Anyway just wanted to let you know so you could visit it should you ever choose. I love your blog :)

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