Sunday, December 9, 2007

do you believe in magic?

1. the sweet boy who gave me a free hot chocolate.

2. maintaining good daily habits.

3. dan the man at the children's store who showed me how to "walk the dog" with the yo-yo.

4. kind richard at grounded who gave me one of my favorite childhood books, miss piggle-wiggle's magic. i am so happy to have found this book.

5. grainne came in the children's store and made us all laugh.

6. the roses in the windowsill against the backdrop of the cloudy sky in the morning.

7. the glittery tree branches, twinkling with raindrops. reminded me of the glittery branches in the twelve dancing princesses fairy tale.

8. bought a bushel of apples for my workers.

9. pete's gold sequined leggings.

10. decaf coffee with whipped cream.

11. the children's store with amy and chelsea. a bit of magic cattycorner to my store.

12. yummy sushi. avocado and peanut roll. soooooo delicious. i could eat it every day. and i just might.

13. letters from two of my bestest friends, the lovely haylie-bird and the enchanting day-day(kristie).

14. my ebay tutorial from amy. she even set up my pay-pal account. dangerous...

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