Sunday, December 2, 2007

i love love

1. the love story of ginny and ed is being told again, and what a story it has been!

2. first day of snowfall in new york city.

3. corrie pellerin wrote my name in the snow and did a heart above my "i", she knows me so well.

4. i'm listening to french lessons on my i-pod.

5. cleaned my room! will take photos in the morning...

6. i'm not sick anymore!!!!!!! slowly introducing solid foods back into my diet...

7. chelsea and amy had a paper snowflake contest and had me be the judge! so sweet.

8. pranced around the house in my pink little marc dress. so in love with it. i feel like a ballerina!

9. my big sister, amy surprised me in the store!! and i was so happy to see her. she is definitly the funniest branch in the family.

10. father, mother, and daughter walking with their new christmas tree in the snow.

11. father and children throwing snowballs at eachother.

12. caught up with my correspondence.

13. chelsea brought me hot chocolate.

14. pete gave me a french bulldog postcard.

15. knowing that i'm finally in a place where i can be a good friend/girlfriend/sister/daughter.

16. mollie bought many a house supply for the apartment-in particular, a chalk board!!!!!

17. i'm in love and i don't care who knows it!

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