Friday, December 7, 2007

1. snowy days with powdery flakes.

2. leather knapsacks on the backs of lovely girls.

3. slumber parties with chelsea and amy, squeezing all of us into her quilted bed and laughing at which march sister we are.

4. taking photos and turning them into postcards by rounding the corners.

5. pistachio muffins. thick, black coffee.

6. running into lauren while waiting in line for the post office and getting yummy cookies at birdbath bakery.

7. cornerstores in brooklyn that look like farmstands in the countryside.

8. how trees can look so creepy and threatening against the backdrop of a wintery sky.

9. my sequined dress that lauren and corrie bought for me the day that i found out i got my new job.

10. lazy mornings. taking the time to leisurely prepare for the day.

11. talking to the love of my life on the phone in the mornings and at night.

12. pete and ed's phone conversation.

13. falling asleep in my warm bed with pete, watching masculin/feminin.


Amy Elizabeth said...

i can't wait until our next slumber party! and i want to see all of your pictures from wednesday, wink wink.

Marcheline said...

Dude. I have been trying to read your posts from the beginning to the end, since doing it the other way was making me dizzy.

But you keep talking about being in bed with Pete, and being in love with Ed.

Are they the same guy, or are you a swinger?

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