Monday, July 12, 2010

the peach state...

atl postcard 2

atl postcard

georgia, oh georgia. i have so many places i want to visit! my sweet momma-in-law found a whole magazine of georgia site-seeing and delicious tourist-stops! old grain mills, georgia gem mines, margaret mitchell house, tullie smith house, swan house, jimmy carter's old stompin' grounds, foxfire museums, whistlestop cafes, tallulah gorge and swimming holes, mayfield dairy farms, i keep batting my eyes at my husband, and i think he is slowly warming up to the idea of hittin' the peach highways and back roads. he's even taking me berry picking this weekend! we were going last weekend, but he had too much studying to do.

oh, did i mention he is taking the georgia bar exam in a few weeks??? grief. too bad you can't just pass it in one state and have it count for all. law is tricky stuff, so i hear.


chelsea said...

sounds so fun! my family are big gone with the wind fans.. i've always wanted to see those sites! good luck to your husband!!

Emerson Merrick said...

Foxfire museum!!

EleanorRose said...

sounds amazing, great post as always :)

Oh, Restore xxx

hayliebird said...

take me with you... please!?

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