Thursday, October 29, 2009

hi! my name is ginnybranch stelling, and i love fall!

i love fall. i really do. i love fall.

today i am grateful for...

glitter eye

1. finding glitter in my pillowcases and on my husband's flannel shirt... remnants from a glittery halloween party at john gardner's new home!

fall leaves

2. collecting fall leaves to stuff between the pages of my flower press.

rescued painting

3. a lonely oil painting i rescued from the garbage man.

apple family

4. a family of apples. momma apple, poppa apple, and baby apple.

happy fall tea

5. lavender and rose "happy fall" tea from chelsea rose cook.

so how is everyone spending their fall? somewhere, i hope it involves a little glitter...


stephanie alaine said...

no glitter here {yet} miss GBS. lots of tea and long walks in the brisk air and apples, apples, apples! (a little caramel, too) i'm with you though, i love fall! xo stephanie

Faux Naif said...

these are great! i've been madly collecting leaves as well; they're just too pretty!

Blayne Beacham said...

Beautiful pictures Ginny! Have a great halloween

Becky said...

Pumpkin cupcakes and yes, glitter will be involved tomorrow night!

Yana said...

you have a lovely blog!!
i found you through megan witt... she speaks very highly of you.

fall is magical, especially for those of us lucky enough to live in the east coast!

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