Wednesday, October 14, 2009

all that glitters...

your holiday catalogue is the jam. i want to live inside the pages and play with all the sequined and glittery jewels. i also want that ostrich feather. thanks for the inspiration.

love always,

ginnybranch stelling

uo 4

uo 501

uo 6

uo 3

uo 2

confession: i bought something today from your website. i can't wait to play with it... and i will show you pictures from our adventures together.


itsokmydear said...

Mmm...I love the rhinestone beauty necklace..and the piƱata surprise kit. Thanks for sharing!

Faux Naif said...

adventure pictures! woo! i know, that catalogue is so goood. i'm tempted to frivolously spend all of my paycheck in one go *bad bad bad*

kes said...

yes, ma' glitzy!

Ahip said...

that dress, man.... so good. i'd kill to wear it.

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