Sunday, September 27, 2009

hello dollies...

today i am grateful for...

1. enjoying a hot bath with epsom salts. september is a busy fashion month...lots of hustlin' in high heels for eight + hours a day.
2. persuading my husband to give me a (much needed) foot massage. he is too good to me.
3. watching the new mad men episode on our very large, extra fancy flat screen television... a big thank you to ed's grandfather, pop.
4. celebrating my sweet haylie bird's birthday. i caught the tail end of her party in the park, just as the rain came to shoo everyone away.
5. eating haylie's gluten-free chocolate birthday cake for breakfast. it was baked with love by the adorable abby dear and effervescent emily cox.
6. the wedding dress chelsea cook is working on... it is so beautiful it hurts to look at. i want to kidnap it. or dressnap it.
7. helpful advice from mollie little, from one illustrator to another. and she has a line of letterpressed goodies coming soon!
8. working on new projects that keep my hands busy again. see below...


p.s i hate that the scanner reads some images as blurry. it really sticks in my craw.


dear sarah sophie flicker, you are my muse. love, ginny branch stelling.

glitterying understudy 1

here is the only kind of sewing i fancy. hand sewing that requires no real skill.

nudie 1

i'm trying my hand at making necklaces again. i love me some flair.

nudie 2

have you ever read jacques magazine? it gives french playboy a run for their money. and our dear friend, the coquettish savannah wyatt is the fashion editor.

tomorrow i am going to tame my unruly eyebrows and hopefully change out my sorry, wilting flowers for some fresh buds. i need a proper day off soon...


Faux Naif said...

i know i must sound like a broken record by now, always oohing and aahing in the most redundant fashion, but your artworks make me so, so happy! you have no idea how lovely they are. and i love that you've mixed in sewing and other media as well! mmm these make me want to put on my frilliest underwear and prance around with feathers in my hair...

sqweakygurl said...

i love your style and your layout was also pretty rad m'lady.

Renee said...

You have a wonderful blog.

Renee xoxo

John G said...

dirty pornography! I love it. And you.

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