Sunday, September 20, 2009

girl of my dreams...

today i am grateful for...

photo 2

lying in bed watching i put a spell on you, the new film short collaboration between the belles of the black diamond field, topshop, and lula magazine.

photo 1

photo 5

photo 7

photo 9

oh holy smokes. maximilla lukacs and my ulimate girl crush, sarah sophie flicker, create the most intensely beautiful and bewitching films. this particular ethereal piece of goodness feels like a mixture of some my favorite films- picnic at hanging rock, valerie and her week of wonders, the virgin suicides, and daisies.

photo 10

i love how the film decays from a languid and sweet picnic scene to a dark and sinister stormy mystery. the lighting and colors are so eerie and delicious. i loves it.

photo 15

photo 16

photo 19

photo 20

photo 22

photo 21

photo 23

photo 24

photo 26

photo 29

now all i want to do is hang out in prospect park in fabric tents, blowing bubbles and making flower crowns. and can i steal miss flicker's polka dotted legwear and that beribboned hula hoop? oh summer, you were short and sweet and i can't believe fall has already come to take you away.


Chelsea said...

WOW! This looks and sounds so dreamy!! Happy Fall.. I can't believe it either...

Poppy said...

The film is stunning, like wandering through a dream. Thanks for sharing.

Feelmore said...

It's cold outside, but the sun is just starting to come out. Viewing these photos and reading your commentary made me reminisce on the summer days I didn't have and the crip feeling of fall to come. Love it!

WREN said...

Love the dark possessed portions, so inspiring!

emma said...

I was inspired to make my own lists of gratitudes after reading yours love quotes. I'm glad to know you'll be writing more of them. :)

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