Wednesday, April 8, 2009

confessions of a pack rat...

it's true...

i have too much. of everything. my last flea market excursion left my poor eddie nearly pulling out his hair.

"really ginny, you needed a third birdcage? and how many amputated wooden feet does one person need?!!!! we have five sewing machines and you don't even like to sew!"

the moment i buy something, i attach sentiment to it. there is no theme. no editorial eye. just an ever-growing collection of a madwoman. i am a maximalist.

enough is enough. everything must go. well, not everything.

1. stacks and stacks of untouched fashion magazines dating back to 2003 that i don't know what to do with.

2. heaps and heaps of vintage trims and notions. more than i can shake a fist at.

3. vintage clothing and accessories stored in every nook and cranny. hidden in old suitcases and underneath the bed.

4. old, pretty little hardback books. and new, hideous paperbacks.

5. old paper and ephemera.

6. enough vintage toys and treats to start a darling children's store.

i am going to start slowly parting with my treasures i have gathered over the years. giving away useless junk and selling sweet things i want someone else to love and appreciate. i am ready to leave grey gardens

(which i won a ticket to the advanced screening of-hooray!)


Anonymous said...

I am perfectly willing to take the clothing off your hands. If you are indeed disposing of it. :]

Kristina said...

I just moved and now going through the same type of purging process. It's kinda therapeutic in a weird way. I'm planning on hosting an invite-only "house sale" once I get everything sorted. I just want someone to enjoy these bits and bobs as much as I do.

Lucy Swan said...

I only have a dresser full of things because I'm picky, but I know how you feel :).

Mollie Little said...

Why hello, ginnybranch!

Let me know when/where you decide to sell your stuff! I know it's all precious to you but I'd be a good second home! You find such treasures...

also: where did you get that little rubber hand stamp (where you can switch out the ittybitty letters) that you lent me once? I have been looking all over for one for myself and can't seem to find it!

and I have a new blog! Check out The Illustrated List at

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Hahhaah, I am exactly the same way, a born hoarder. I realize though that I live in a tiny New York apartment, and have no room continue accumulating. I too have begun the process of tearfully parting with my stuff...I feel for you!


leilanigl said...

start an etsy shop! from one pack rat to another -- i would buy you out, you have such lovely taste!

Nostalgic Nosh said...

I love seeing other people's workspaces, it makes me feel that I'm not alone in the clutter!

Georgia B. said...

i completely identify with this. some call it a sickness. if so, i'm happy to be sick. i just can't get enough of a great find at a flea market or second-hand store.

i suspect i will never be cured.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog. Very cool. Surprised I've never ran into you before at Grey Gardens!

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