Friday, February 13, 2009

i love love...pre-valentines day gratitudes

while eddie is off seeing deertick at the bowery ballroom and i am at home watching a little princess with pete; i am counting down the minutes 'til it has been one year since we have been engaged. i can't believe it has been a year. here are my favorite things about being in love and reunited with eddie.

1. how we nudge each other awake in the morning to work on our fitness. i am normally hard-pressed to awake from my slumber, let alone before 10 am! now i try and embrace the mornings to squeeze in some exercise with a boy who looks awfully cute in running shorts and a baseball cap.

2. how we text message sweet sentiments throughout the day. me at work, he at class.

3. how on days when he doesn't have class, he walks me to work. even though it is bitterly cold outside and we don't have time to eat breakfast before.

4. how he will wash the dishes, when i "attempt" to cook. luckily, he is easy to please and praises my 10-minute broiled chicken and steamed asparagus. it's very dear, when i am certainly no whiz in the kitchen.

5. how he will surprise me with daisies when he picks me up from work, or bring me magnolia cupcakes(along with my cell phone that i absent-mindedly left on the bed).

6. how at night, he watches the news and reads books on the economy. all while i'm watching rupaul's drag race show(on my computer) or reading miss piggle wiggle's magic. while we share a bottle of wine.

7. how when i'm really tired or upset, he offers to take me to spitzers to eat mac n' cheese. or go around the corner to get peanut butter pie. or just hold me while i cry. or listen to me rant and rave.

8. how he tells me i look beautiful. even when i am embarrassingly out-of-shape. even when i am wearing a crazy outfit. even when i have the worst haircut and hair color that i've ever had. even when i am forced to wear my dorky glasses because i have an eye infection or i've run out of contacts. even when i'm red-faced and sweaty in the middle of summer. he always makes me feel pretty.

9. how he doesn't mind that i'm somewhere between a 5 year old little girl and an 80-year old woman at heart.

10. how he sweetly humors my little collection of stuffed animals and dolls that shares the bed with us. in fact, the fact that he humors all of my collections. i am a collector. of just about everything under the sun. and he only minor-ly hems and haws over the fact that i have 4 tea pots. 2 tea kettles. 6 sewing machines. 3 sets of measuring cups. multiple sets of wooden spoons and rolling pins. metal spatulas, slotted spoons, ladles, can openers, measuring spoons, and cork screws.

and more pyrex serving ware, dusty childrens books, mason jars, old suitcases, haberdashery trims, hats and bows, little girl dresses, costume jewelry, sketchbooks and scrapbooks, spools of thread, scraps of fabric, ribbon, glitter, sequins and buttons than a person can shake a fist at. i am going to be one scary grandmother. terrifying.

i could go on. and on. and on. i love this man with all my heart. i can't believe he's here. i can't believe i get to fall asleep next to him every night and wake up next to him every morning. he is mine for keeps and i love him to the moon and back. and i just can't stop smooching him.

always and forever.


go said...

awww, such sweet sentiments. so glad that you are reunited! to many more years of loving ahead.

Maya T said...

this is cute. sounds like genuine love to me, good to see it hasn't completely vanished.

Greensboro Daily said...

What a charming post. I, too, feel between 5 and 80 at times. Lately, closer to 80!

We're new to blogging and tried to do a Valentine's Day post in the tradition of Cup of Jo, my favorite color is shiny, apple a day, inside a black apple.....

Please stop by and view our Friday 13th attempt, if you have time. Comments are treasured as we're just getting started in the blogosphere!

All the best to you on the wedding plans!


Greensboro Daily Photo

Gilly said...

hi, Ginny...I don't normally comment on blogs, but I love yours so much and felt the need to tell you. you make me realize that it's good to be in a constant state of childlike wonder. and to take delight in every single one of pretty things in life, no matter how small they are. your blog makes me so happy every single time I read it.

best wishes to you and your two look so sweet together. pax.

chelsea said...

true love! i love ya'll both!

terra said...

that deserves one big "AWWWWWW!"
i am happy for you and your fiance,
you sound like such a sweet couple :)

Mooks said...

What a lovely Valentine's Day post. Ginny, I've been sneakily reading your blog ever since I saw a mention of it on the Domino web site last year (I think Rita Koenig?). It's such a nice break in my unglamorous day to come by and sit for a moment in your world!

Funnily enough, last June I was at LaGuardia airport on my way back to Atlanta (where I live) from NYC and who was on my flight but your Eddie! I recognized him from the photos here and I wanted to say hello and ask him to tell you that I love your blog. But my OWN true love, my husband, thought he might think I was a little crazy.

Having survived a two-year long distance relationship myself, I know what utter happiness comes from being back together again, and knowing that this time it's for good. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

frances said...

Oh man, this all sounds so perfect. I hope you guys do well. x

*L said...

such a lovely post. all the best to you and your man.

cazoo said...

wow, ur very much in love! its nce to see :) love ur blog!

Haynes said...

6 sewing machines! I remember a lovely girl once offering me one of those? wish I would see you more often; tell Ed hello

Anonymous said...

awww...this is really sweet. it made my heart melt :)

Joanna Goddard said...

this is SO SO SO sweet. it really sounds like true love.

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