Friday, April 8, 2011

ancient industries...

ancient industries

there are certain "trends" i will happily wave goodbye to and there are some that i hope stick around forever and ever and ever. in the case of general stores and mercantiles, i never tire of seeing new ones crop up. the latest ancient industries is superb and supremely english country, which i adore! here is a roundup of some items i would( and lets face it-probably will) empty out my pockets for. i'm digging the dishcloths instead of sponges. sponges have always kind of skeeved me out, with the exception of the lovely expandable kind. oh, and anything seasponge-y.

*for my favorite general store of all time, go here. my heart belongs to brookfarm and their beagle, nutmeg.



i am also a sucker for american general store reincarnated.

A Flourishing Perspective said...

this isn't completely my style but i have always admired it. i love the almost eclectic style to it! i've always wanted one of those classic blue tin coffee pots with little tin mugs to take out on a classic old camping trip by a great big beautiful shining lake with fir trees surrounding it! :)


Marcheline said...

Those wood scoops ROCK. For some reason I see them jammed in a glass candy jar full of marbles.

Jay said...

I hear you. I have to try out not to go into them, otherwise I pine for everything I see.

Also! You really need to buy this more or less immediately:

I think I got the name right this time. ;]

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