Wednesday, February 2, 2011

julianne moore for talbots...

julianne moore for talbots
{via here}

i am absolutely pleased with whoever is now at the helm of creative at talbots. their styling seems to have gotten a little jenna lyons touch to it, and i dig it. i've grown up associating talbots with a more mature crowd, so it is quite refreshing to see a more youthful life breathed into it. still classic, but much, much fresher. well done!


Eleni said...

I have such a girl crush on Julianne Moore!

cristin said...

Tradition Transformed...that's a great line for them. Trying to give their image a freash face. Love the dress on the left.

Also, I'm loving your photo collage-style posts. I've been blog-lurking but not commenting for a while.
Love your visuals!

The S.S. Santiago said...

oh my god I absolutely LOVE these ads.

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