Friday, September 3, 2010

the perks of being a flower...

flowers 5

nothing like a rescheduled photo shoot to leave you with an abundance of fresh flowers. not that i'm complaining! i could totally get used to this accidental perk of being a stylist. any pals in the atlanta area want a mini arrangement before the big holiday weekend?

flowers 2

flowers 3

either way, happy weekend dollies!


Anonymous said...

oh, so pretty! I'll take any leftovers :) ~Rankin

Stirling said...

Ginny, those are GORGEOUS! What a perfect arrangement - nice work! And I adore the lone renuncula off to the side :) - Stirling

~Celeste~ said...

So pretty!

I stumbled upon your blog. Such a lovely stumble too! :)

Marcheline said...

Happy weekend to YOU! Due to the happenstance of my regular days off being Mon/Tues, and the Labor Day holiday, my hubby and I are actually going to get to spend a WHOLE DAY together tomorrow! We're going into the city for some Korean food. Weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Am overly excited by the prospect.


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