Friday, November 16, 2007

november 15 2007 gratitudes


1. my new job. my new boss and coworkers.

2. building the store with amy and alain and frances.

3. cupcakes.

4. helping amy move her couch and laughing at the whole process.

5. my new gold lacrasia gloves. planning out how we can get amy a pair of customized gloves.

6. chelsea cook got hired at marc!!!!!!!!!!!!! we said a group prayer for her. how everyone loves her.

7. hugging paul and telling him how he has changed my life forever.

8. my sweet darling cards to write to my loved ones who live elsewhere.

9. hanging out with frances and amy in brooklyn.

10. my new vintage notebooks from catbird.

11. hanging out with alex at amacord. truly lovely girl. makes perfect sense that james would have found her.

12. amy merrick's apartment. how she is equal parts me, chelsea cook, haylie bird, savannah wyatt, and halligan norris.

13. amy and abby telling me they told their mother's about me. made me want to cry.

14. seeing frances's future engagement ring.

15. how happy chelsea is. and how much she loves the book she is reading.

16. husband. spending the night in my bed.

17. amy's story of how her parents fell in love.

18. sweetwater dinner, that amy treated chelsea and me to a celebratory dinner. butternut squash soup.frenchfries.keylimepie.dear friends and good conversation.

19. taking the time to write letters to loved ones.

20. all of the good things that lay in store for my dearest friends.

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hayliebird said...

sweetness!! i love your images.

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